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Histology Laboratory Services

Clinical & Investigational Histopathology Labs

IHC, IF, ISH, Routine/Special Stains, Digital Imaging, Pathology Consultations and more.

GLP-compliant. CLIA-certified.

Our response to COVID-19: Our laboratories remain open and committed to providing research services for preclinical, translational and clinical phase programs.


MD Biosciences provides advanced capabilities for in-depth assessment of tissue parameters with support at each stage in the histology workflow. From sample preparation through to staining and assessment by our pathologists, we ensure the highest quality of data production to progress your programs forward. 


 Our state-of-the-art histology laboratories are equipped for all types of tissues to accommodate a variety of analyses, and are staffed with expert scientists and technicians who have developed and validated methodologies to facilitate a broad spectrum of studies.

We have developed histological assays, IHC protocols, custom ISH probes and unique scoring methods for numerous project types with standard and customized read outs, and are always willing to discuss new assessments to meet client needs. All studies are run within our Total Quality Management System and multi-step QC processes, with our network of clinical and veterinary pathologists available for pathology reviews at each step in the study workflow.

Whether preclinical assessments for in vivo animals models, translational biomarker development for exploratory endpoint analysis or validation of high-complexity assays for clinical trials, our CLIA-certified and GLP-compliant laboratories are here to assist you from study design to close out for your histology service needs.


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Histology Services

  • Sample harvest and fixation/freezing (In-house in vivo models only)
  • Tissue grossing 
  • Tissue processing (standard and custom)
  • Embedding
  • Microtomy and slide preparation
  • Routine & special stains (H&E, Masson's trichrome, Congo Red, PAS, picrosirius red, etc)
  • Immunohistochemistry (Standard and custom assays; singleplex and multiplex capabilities)
  • Immunofluorescence (Standard and custom assays; singleplex and multiplex capabilities)
  • In-Situ Hybridization (Standard and custom assays; singleplex and multiplex capabilities)
  • Whole Slide Digital Imaging (Brightfield and Multiplex Fluorescence)
  • AI-powered Quantitative Image Analysis (Morphometry, Cellular classification, % cells positive, H-scoring and more)
  • FDA-approved Laboratory Information Management System for tracking and reporting
  • Dedicated QA/QC Division operating our Total Quality Management System
  • Clinical and veterinary Pathologist review and reporting
View the gallery below for recent examples of in-house histopathology analyses, including IHC, ISH and histochemical stains. More images are available upon request. 

Don't see the histology/IHC service you're looking for? Ask us about your histopathology project requirements! Our team is always here to assist you and is happy to discuss custom assessments to meet your needs. Contact us today!


Available Species:

  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Human
  • Porcine
  • Primate

Capabilities to work with non-standard formats





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