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Histology Laboratory Services

Digital Pathology 

Precision Imaging, Pathologist Review and Quantitative Image Analysis

Digital Pathology Services


MD Biosciences' offers cutting-edge digital pathology imaging equipment for rapid, high-resolution digitization of whole slides for review and assessment through our secure, cloud-based image management systems (IMS). Our experienced teams of histologists and tissue analysis technicians ensure Sponsor samples are optimally prepared for downstream analysis and assessment by our network of consulting pathologists, including sample pre-analytical conditions, assay technical components and post-analytical processing.


We provide capabilities for brightfield and multispectral fluorescent imaging utilizing a variety of whole slide scanners. For sponsors that have in-house whole slide imaging capabilities, we also provide remote uploading of all major whole slide image formats for remote review and analysis by our teams.


We additionally provide extensive experience in quantitative image analysis to address the most challenging applications in the field of histopathology, including read outs such as morphometric analysis, percent positive scoring, H-scoring, co-localization, nuclear/membranous/cytoplasmic expression and more. All digital assessments are compared with manual review of physical slides by a qualified pathologist to ensure analysis methods are appropriate for a given objective and results are comparable to manual pathologists' interpretation.

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Board Certified DVM (Veterinary) and MD Pathologists

Our highly experienced pathologists partner with you to offer:

  • Histopathology slide review and disease scoring
  • Telepathology consultations for remote reviewing
  • Digital slide scanning for image archival
  • Image database hosting
  • AI-powered quantitative image analysis (Standard and customizable readouts)
  • Step-by-step discussion 
  • Specimen archival and storage
  • Remote access to digital images from any web browser

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Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us today to discuss a custom project! We are constantly updating our services and capabilities to meet the ever-changing need of our study Sponsors.  




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