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Histology Laboratory Services


Advanced Capabilities to Support Cutting-Edge Tissue and Cellular Analyses

Histology Equipment 

MD Biosciences provides full-service histology laboratories to support projects from sample collection, staining and reporting through to long term storage and archiving. Below are some of the select technologies, tools and equipment employed at MD Biosciences histopathology laboratories. If you have any specific questions, please ask us!



Tissue Preparation

FDA-approved Laboratory Information Management System (sample tracking, reporting & archiving)

Sakura TissueTek VIP Tissue Processor

Leica Embedding Stations

Leica Rotary Microtomes

Leica Cryostats

Shandon Cytospin


Routine and Special Stains

Leica ST5020 Multistainer


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and In-situ Hybridization (ISH)

Ventana Benchmark Ultra Automated IHC/ISH Stainer

Ventana Discovery Ultra Automated IHC/ISH Stainer (Chromogenic and Fluorescent Multiplexing)

RNAscope Hyb-EZ ISH Systems



Leica Versa 8 Whole Slide Scanner (Brightfield and Multispectral Fluorescent)

Roche DP-200 Whole Slide Scanner

Zeiss 1530 SEM

Olympus BX40 Microscopes

Olympus BX41 Microscopes

Olympus BX45 Microscopes

Olympus BH-2 Microscopes

AmScope Inverted Microscope with Color Camera Attachment 

Polarizer/Analyzer Attachments for polarized microscopy


Digital Pathology and Image Management

Aperio eSlide Manager

Pathcore Flow Image Management System (Secure Cloud-based)


Quantitative Image Analysis

Visiopharm® Automated Image Analysis System


Adobe Photoshop

Aperio ImageScope 

Pathcore Sedeen


Additional Features:

Specimen and slide storage facilities for long-term sample archiving 

Biobank of variety of control tissues for assay development and validation

Long-term -80C and liquid nitrogen storage capabilities

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